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Come one, come all...

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Come one, come all... Empty Come one, come all...

Post  azer Fri Jul 15, 2011 2:31 pm


The letter itself was unimportant. Over a course of three or more years, it had been sent to hundreds of people, or had merely arrived to others as part of the morning Post. Some of these people had dismissed it outright as the sort of nonsense that often accompanied a common newspaper; nothing more than a sort of phony miracle-powder advertisement (albeit on a large and expensive scale). Some were more deliberating in their appraisal, although they eventually arrived at the same conclusion as the first group. Some gazed at it longingly, wishing that they were young or wealthy or free enough to make the journey to a new life, before they too told themselves that surely, it must be a fake, a scam to take in those more gullible then them. On the whole, it was something that, after so long, was no longer taken seriously by the general public. It was a curio that had become largely ignored, but still one that would appear without fail in the advertisements section of every new Post. But some people, usually young, rich people, answered the siren call of the letter. They would pack their belongings, wish their families and friends goodbye (or, more usually, have their servants deliver the wishes once the young masters were well on their way), and hire a coach to take them on their way. Of these people, only five merit further mention.
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