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part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer

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part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer Empty part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer

Post  Matt Bacon Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:28 pm

this is all i have after 3 days of work
18 pages

The World of Zaz'kaan

The City of Zazatt capital of Zazkator.

It is located on the warm plains/hills of Zazkator.
To the north of Zazkator is the Great forest Treegorn, elves and treants live there and it is a meeting place of many druids.

They used to have problems with hill giants and tyrannosaurs but now the place is infested with demons and orcs after the invasion of 772.

So now most of the population lives underground under the rule of King Jonas of the house of Dahl.

So there are essentially two parts the above ground part taken over by forces of evil and the underground part belonging to the King and the Zazatites.

The caves had already been there for use as a massive storage complex in case of siege. There was a siege and so only 5000 survivors made it into the caves where they now live.

I will describe the 2 parts separately above ground Zazatt (now redubbed Xykonia) and underground Zazatt (redubbed by the survivors new zazatt).

The people of New Zazatt are fighting to recover their once beautiful and now gross and disfigured city.

(Please note that this can be used for essentially any Chaotic Evil City with a strong mage or other evil-based epic creature as the leader)

Chaotic Evil Leadership

The redubbed River Styx (formerly river of light) runs through Xykonia.

Population- 100,000 orcs, several million demons, various giants and other such bad types.
There is also an integrated mix of about 20,000 slaves from the original Zazatt who do all the hard work.

Otherwise it appears to be a normal human city, but instead of humans there miscellaneous forces of evil.

It is the largest evil metropolis in the world. However the forces of evil are growing so this may not remain true.

The demilich Xykon is in charge of the city. His second in command is Beelten the Balor Lord who started the demon army.

The leader of the orcs Bankgor The Enforcer is chaotic evil and sometimes has disagreements with his superiors. He is 3rd in command of the city. The giants leader is 4th in command, Stonehelm is a stone giant. The slaves have no leaders.

Bankgor has many orc squadrons that are called The Slavers because they are in charge of the slaves and hurt them often.

Other notable individuals
(Please note that I have decided that those with less than 3 class levels are not worth of names as they are weak and inconsequential.
The orcs are broken up into groups based on their class and abilities and do different important jobs around the city.

13th level adept Grebulon

He and his adept minions help The Slaverss by providing magic support to fight captured rogue magicians.
His minions include
11th level adept Hooloovoo who likes the color blue and is Grebulons right hand man
2 7th level adept twins Grimhook and Gripfang who do most of the basic mage control work
2 6th level adepts Dent and Trilliard who help Grimhook and Gripfang in controlling mages.
4 4th level adepts Koboi, Myishi, Phonetix and Frone they go individually with larger groups to help instill order.
4 3rd level adepts who also go around with larger groups instilling order.
8 2nd level adepts who do the most basic grunt work
16 1st level adepts who do the most basic grunt work.

21st level barbarian Golgafrincha
He leads The Slaughterers, they completely decimate all enemies who try and help the Zazattites. They are an elite branch of soldiers slaughtering all who try to hurt their army. They are the vanguard and are typically all that is needed to stop an enemy force. The ones noted especially are his leaders who are not questioned even by stronger barbarians because none of them compare to Golgafrincha who backs them all up.
His minions include
2 11th level Barbarians, Grimtooth and Krusk. They lead the barbarian legions into battle.
4 6th level Barbarians Grond, Grutch, Thrashbarg, and Marvin. They go madly into battle and are especially good at crowd control.
4 5th level Barbarians, Grack, Sandyman, Proudclaw, Huffledor They lead the slaughterers into battle and help direct them.
Then there are 32 legions of barbarians who range from 1-10th level and take part in the fighting.
15th level cleric Engong
She leads the healers. She had a vision from Gruumsh that it is her great mission to keep her soldiers healthy, her clerics known as the Healers, specailize in healing magic and keep the orc army going for a long time.
Her minions include
2 8th level clerics Dench and Feng they go for the biggest battles and heal up a storm.
4 4th level clerics Emen Myev Neega and Keth, they go with slightly larger than normal groups.
8 2nd level clerics
16 1st level clerics, they and the 2nd level clerics go around as healers wherever needed.
15th level fighter Lamuella
The fighters are the supporters of the barbarians, they wipe up after the barbarians have charged through. They Are known as the Finshers screaming and ending the last hope of the enemy.
His Minions include.
2 8th level fighters Drak and Drunt they lead legions on their own.
4 4th level fighters Shump, Thog, Thokk and Ownka, they are capable of attacking a pack of 10 already hurt warriors and tearing them apart.
8 2nd level fighters
16 1st level fighters, they guide others into battle, there are of course less notable legions.
15th level rogue Quikpaw
He leads the thieves guild, they sneak into neighboring cities and stealing resources and plans.
2 8th level rogues, they do a lot of the lesser but still hard work quickpaw does not want to do, they are named Roktard and Stoppid.
4 4th level rogues these guys are more like muggers beating on unfortunate slaves, They are called Filliw Riwwie Noosie and Dethblade
8 2nd level rogues
16 1st level rogues, they do thieves guild grunt work
17th Level warrior Groovnt
He leads the legions of warriors into battle, there are no notable orc warriors.


All items are normally priced.

The Orc worship Vecna or Gruumsh, oftentimes both.

City Landmarks,
The most notable landmark is the old Royal Castle, and now The Castle of Evil.

The main street was called The Street of Kord but now it is The Street of Gruumsh

The city is 1 by 2 miles.

The walls, were they are not broken were construced in the year 245 making them 530 years old, some of the oldest walls in Zaz'kaan.

The City has 16 taverns
Dead Dogs Eye
Bloody Tuesday
Face Grow Long
The Walrus
The Eggman
these are the largest and most notable.

New Zazatt

This is a integrated city of about 5000 individuals. They were formerly residents of Zazatt but now are forced to live in their secret store rooms so they are not killed by the orc hordes. Fortunately the store room caves are massive and have lots of food as well as fungus farms, fungus being the only edible thing that grows in the cave complex. A lot of the citizens of New Zazatt crave to see the sun again and often dart to the surface to get a quick peek, often though they are nabbed by orcs.

Neutral Good government.


There are 3 ruling houses of nobles, Dahl, Poe, and Lowry. Only about 1% of the population is in these houses.
There are 10 guilds, the mage, and healing guild, the economic guild, the barbarians guild, the fighters guild, the musicians guild, the nature guild, the holy warriors guild, and the guild of thieves, the artisans guild, and the peasants union.
Everyone is part of a guild.
Because they are stuck in a cave the guilds are stuck close to each other causing some tension between the guilds.
When the current king dies each of the houses puts up a candidate to be king, then they are voted upon
by the 10 guilds, if there is a tie then the house with the fewest votes can not be voted for in the tiebreaker round. If there is a three way tie (guilds can abstain from voting but are not encouraged to) then the guilds draw straws to see whose vote does not get counted. Then the election proceeds as if there had been a tie between the remaining 2 candidates, all guilds get a vote again and may again abstain if they so wish. Abstaining is severely frowned upon however.

A 3 way tie has only happened twice since the beginning of Zazatt so it is not a big issue.

The leaders of the houses are John Dahl (The king is not in charge because he has other responsibilities). Greda Poe, and Louis Lowry.

The leaders of the guilds are Vacen leader of the Magic and Healing guild, Jill Flowers leader of the economic guild, Grimbold master of the barbarians, Redgar Grimtooth leader of the Fighter Guild, Jimmy Page is the chief musician, Frelda is The leader of the Nature guild, The holy warriors guild is lead by Hinjo, The guild of thieves is lead by Bozztok, The Artisans leader is Jack Smith, The peasant leader is Vercintex.

The women and men in Zazatt have equality, however as a rule, women are in charge of the economy, while me work in the government, of course the producers are equally balanced.
This development of women in charge of the economy and men in charge of the government grew as a easy outlet for them to argue with each other.
Redgar Grimtooths lieutenant Grover Blue is charge of keeping the citizenry in line, his warriors are the basic police force of New Zazatt and were of the original Zazatt.
As for economy the economy of New Zazatt is rather socialist, there are no poor as the rich have a limit as to how rich they can get and the money is used to help the poor. The richest of the rich are at most 500 times richer than the poorest of the poor, so many people of New Zazatt are happy with this arrangement.
However because there is this socialism prices are slightly higher when you wish to buy stuff, they are on average 10% more expensive.
The limit to wealth you can have before you are taxed is 500,000 gp, many circumvent this by spending all of their money on items. However if you have more than 1 million in liquid assets you will be levied 20% of your fortune per annum. For poorer folk it is only 15% of their wealth. The wealth is the distributed as is found appropriate.
This format of leadership has gone on for so long that the leader is never really questioned. They have grown especially close as a city now that they are all fighting the same manic overlord.

Notable Individuals.
(Note that I choose no to name those lower than 4th level because they are rather insignificant. Also these are not the only people of these classes just the more important ones within their guilds.)
17th level adept Boolugar is in charge of the city repair and protection. He guides reparations using magic. When needed he uses his power in battle along with his other adepts.
15th level adept Grimtok his lieutenant also helps with city repair and battle. He in fact leads the adepts in battle especially in their magical healling which they use to back up the clerics. They act as sort of vanguard clerics. They are called this because they act as healing for the vanguard.
Their helpers are
2 9th level adepts Zazant and Joe, they have no fear in battle, charging with the front lines being the first to heal those in need.
2 8th level adepts Tront and Ricky are rather afraid of battle and follows slightly behind the vanguard with some lower level adepts healing fallen but still alive soldiers.
4 5th level adepts Jill, Jahooty, Rint, Ed, they go with the general body of the vanguard healing soldiers as they fall.
4 4th level adepts Nut, Artemis, Ember, and Lina also go with the general body of the vanguard healing soldiers as they fall.
8 3rd level adepts these and all below go wherever they are needed, be it running with the vanguard or healing already fallen but not dead soldiers after the charge.
16 2nd level adepts
32 1st level adepts

Some notable aristocrats are.
13th level King Jonas Dahl he is the king of Zazkator
13th level Louis Lowry he is one of King Jonas's best friends and directs all the armies. (Commander in Chief)
2 7th level aristocrats John Dahl, the leader of the house of Dahl and the uncle of Jonas and Greda Poe, the young and inexperienced leader of the house of Poe, He is smart but inexperienced. (Lords)
4 4th level aristocrats Buck Dahl, the cousin of Jonas Dahl, Angus Poe the goth leader of the Librarians a group who tracks all of Zazatt and Zazkators literature and culture. The Poe's are famous for their literature. Lane Lowry, he is good at keeping all of an enemies weaknesses in his head. George Dahl is the 16 year old son of Jonas and already has porgressed quickly through the ranks as a charismatic leader of his house and a symbol of the Resistance against Xykon. (Dukes)
8 2nd level aristocrats along with the 1st level aristocrats they direct the peoples everyday lives as barons and viscounts. (Viscounts)
16 1st level aristocrats. (Barons)

17th level Grimbold is the half orc Barbarian leader, he charges in a berserk frenzy killing all in his path. He is a legend, having slayed thousands of demons before falling, he is weaker after his ressurection.
14th Level Grimnail, Grimbolds son, is also a fierce fighter. He leads the Vanguard with his father, relying on help from the adepts to heal them.
Their Guild members include
2 9th level barbarians Nail and Ripper, brothers who charge right behind Grimbold and Grimnail, as a four person squad with Grimbold and his son they can easily take out 32 enemies in seconds.
2 7th level barbarians Jok and Markus, They each take a flank and bring the vanguard into pinch their enemies.
4 5th level barbarians Big Brid, Lome, Normdles and Oze, they are at the forefront of the vanguard charging in with no fear.
4 3rd level barbarians these and lower are general leaders for the warriors fighters and other barbarians to rally bhind as they charge into a bloodthirsty battle.
8 2nd level barbarians
16 1st level barbarians.\
Notable Bards
1 18th level bard Jimmy Page, his troops go with the main army in battle providing encouragement, otherwise his guild members play on street corners boosting public morale he has legendary guitar skills.
1 16th level bard Robert Plant he is as rule in charge of the boosting public morale, he is almost entirely focused on this task and is a great singer.
Some guild members include
2 9th level brothers Elan and Nale, they have spectacular music battles in plazas throughout the underground city.
2 8th level musicans are John Bonham (who is apt with the drums) and John Paul Jones a skilled bass player and pianist.
4 5th level bards travel together as a group calling themselves the Beatles, They have John Lennon, Paul MCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, the general populace loves them.
4 4th level bards also travel together known as the Ramones, they have Deedee, Joey, John, and Bill, People think of them as revolutionary.
8 3rd level bards, all bards of this low level and lower work together just traveling around the city boosting morale and helping in battle.
24 2nd level bards
48 1st level bards.

1 16th level cleric Jozan is the leader of the healers division of the mage and healers. He goes with the main body as a healer and sometimes a battle caster.
1 14th level cleric Suallan Is the leader of the battle casting clerics and does some healing.
Their guild members include
2 8th level clerics, Johan and Trezged, they are primarily healers and do little battle casting.\
2 7th level clerics Rackapoo and Rindar, they both love battle casting and slaughter in the name of Kord
8 4th level clerics, half of them Rackter, Shaytard, Howard, and Ryan all are primarily healers, Durkon, Shane, Victorino and Tim are all primarily battle casters.
16 2nd clerics with the first level clerics these guys work as both healers and battle casters primarily healing but doing whatever they can to help.
32 1st level clerics.

Asides from 21st level Vercintex leader of the peasant union there are no notable peasants. The peasants typically do the work that is easy and can not be dramatically helped by magic.
Notable druids
16th level Druid Frelda is the leader of the Nature guild, she can bring the might of the forest to the city in unexpected ways, often shocking invaders she loves animals. With her the druids primarily deal in combat leaving the majority of healing to the clerics and adepts. The druids in the nature guild help by bringing the forest, trees and plants to the battlefield from the north where the wood is so that they come in a little after the start of the battle with legions of animals.
15th level Ken Griffey is Freldas lieutenant in the nature guild he loves trees.
Their Guild Members include.
4 8th level Clerics, Pujols, and Albert love animals, Oscar and Guroch like trees more.
8 4th level clerics. John, Bill, Peanut butterhead, Shay all like trees, Kaiser, Kagiso, Kafele and Kamele all like animals more.
16 2nd level druids and 32 1st level druids make up the lower ranks of the cities druids, they have an appreciation for both.

16th level expert Jack Smith is in charge of the artisans. He directs all projects requiring technical skill in New Zazzat, his specialty is being a smith. All artisans change their last names to reflect their skills so they can be easily identified for what they do. Jack Smith the renowned smith is a prime example of this.
15th level expert John Wood, is co-director of many of the artisans projects, he is a especially good builder.
4 8th level artisans Bob Architect, is the cities chief architect, Bill Miller, is the chief miller, Dim Bulb is the towns foremost knowledge on fire. Fred Vent is the ventilation chieftan.
8 4th level artisans they shall remain nameless for now needless to say they and all the other lesser artisans help the above mentioned artisans wit their various works, and a really jack of all trades.
16 2nd level experts
32 1st level experts.
Redgar Grimtooth is a 14th level fighter he leads the fighters guild. He is considered a top authority on all things 2-handed, the fighters go with the main body of the army into battle.
Joe Schmoe is a 12th level fighter who is considered the best wrestler in many years to grace the city of Zazatt.
Their guild members are
2 7th level fighters Jackie Noasis, Rimter Snaggletooth, they are overall leaders of the main body of the army.
2 6th level fighters, Beltar the Crooked, and Belnan, these brothers help Noasis and Snaggletooth in leading the army
4 4th level fighters, Bob Schmob, Kinderly, and Grom act as division leaders.
4 3rd level fighters and all those below them act as simpy leadrs in battle.
16 2nd level fighters
32 1st level fighters.
1 15th level Monk Emreb she fights with Paladins in the main body of the army.
1 13th level monk Rembr is a fierce martial artist.
Their guild members include
2 8th level monks Grond and Monty, they lead other monks in combat.
2 7th level monks, George and Martha, they squish enemies with mighty fists and lead monks in combat.
8 4th level monks, they and all below them work as miscellaneous martial artis.
16 2nd level monks
32 1st level monks
2 13th level Paladins they lead holy troops in battle. As part of their Sect nobody has a name. They are in charge of the Holy Warriors Guild.
So they just lead in battle according to their level.
The guild has
4 7th level paladins
8 4th level paladins
16 2nd level paladins.
32 1st level paladins.

The rangers are of the same levels as the druids, they all have nature type names. In battle the rangers come from the woods with the druids and provide protection and combat support.
Their leader is 16th level Flerd the brother of Frelda.
His assistant is 15th level Cal.

For the following characters names will only be added upon a time in the campaign that they are actually needed.
The Thieves guild is lead by 18th level rogue Bozztok He is the Chief Thief for the king, you see his job is to use his guild to steal from their enemies, in particular the orcs of the mountains. In fact he has each of his rogues take a level of ranger (which is not counted here) so they can better steal from the orcs.)

and his helper 14th level rogue, Thalia.
Their guild members are
2 9th level rogues, they work as leaders for the parties of thieves when Bozztok and Thalia are not around.
2 7th level rogues, they are the chief trap monkeys of their guild dumping all skill points to max out trapfinding skills.
4 5th level rogues, they like the 4th level rogues are seen as rather expendable and sent in to do the dirty work on jobs of lesser difficulty.
4 4th level rogues-see above
8 3rd level rogues, these rogues and all below them are apprentice thieves only doing the most basic jobs.
24 2nd level rogues
48 1st level rogues

19th level warrior Grimot is part of the fighters guild, the warriors in the fighters guild have many the same roles as the fighters but rather than lead the battle they are under the direction of the fighters.
See the fighters for their roles in battle. The warriors are also the police force with Grimot at the head. However there has been very little crime in New Zazatt
15th level warrior Mont is another warrior leader
There are 2 10th level warriors
2 8th level warriors
4 5th level warriors
4 4th level warriors
8 3rd level warriors
24 2nd level warriors
48 1st level warriors

2 16th level Sorcerers, they lead the battle casters an elite group who charges into battle with the Barbarians fireballing and destroying all in their path, those who can not cast fireball (of 5th level or lower) cast sleep instead, they also frequently cast summon monster spells so they can boost the size of the army.
Their battle casters include
4 8th level sorcerers
8 4th level sorcerers The sorcerers and all sorcerers of lower level than this cast sleep instead of fireball as well as summoning monsters.
16 2nd level sorcerers
32 1st level sorcerers.

From the back of the army the wizards cast Fire ball spells those who can not cast fireball spells (of 5th level or lower) instead go with the main body of the army and summon monsters and cast buffs upon the soldiers to make them stronger.
They are lead by
2 14th level Wizards Grimnal And Vecan Vecan is the overall leader of the army.
Their fellow wizards are
4 7th level wizards
8 4th level wizards
16 2nd level wizards
32 1st level wizards.

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part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer Empty Re: part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer

Post  IzNotSpontaneous Sat Aug 14, 2010 3:58 pm

oooo, shiny, I only read half of it though Laughing

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part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer Empty Re: part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer

Post  Matt Bacon Sat Aug 14, 2010 5:01 pm

it is the most boring thing ever and the most rewarding thign ever, all those names!

Matt Bacon

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part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer Empty Re: part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer

Post  IzNotSpontaneous Sat Aug 14, 2010 5:15 pm

i helped you come up with the name zaz'kaan Laughing that was ages ago. are you and Ian still working on it? well obviously you are...

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part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer Empty Re: part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer

Post  Matt Bacon Sat Aug 14, 2010 5:36 pm

i am not so sure bout ian

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part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer Empty Re: part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer

Post  Kurtis Thu Aug 19, 2010 9:23 am

You named a Demilich "xykon"

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part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer Empty Re: part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer

Post  Matt Bacon Sat Aug 21, 2010 3:35 pm

yes i wasnt feeling to creative

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part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer Empty Re: part of my campaign world i will upload maps when i get them on mah computer

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